Butter Care


Because this product is not made with water, please be mindful when using to make sure to wipe your hands off before using. If water is introduced to the product it could possibly spoil.




This product melts in the warmer months. Especially outside with direct sunlight. It may look and feel like lotion and lose its whipped souffle texture, please keep this in mind when ordering this product in the warmer months.
If this happens mix with a spoon or wooden popsicle stick and then put the product in the fridge or leave at room temperature to turn back in to a solid. But keep in mind even with the lotion texture you can still use and enjoy.




During the winter, shea butter can freeze while en-route for delivery. If it should freeze just make sure to put out at room temperature (70 degrees) and within a hour it will be ready to use. Please DO NOT put it near a heater as it will just melt and then you need to put it in the fridge to re-solidfy.